I left my Glock 27 loaded for 3 years straight and a remarkable thing happened


Every single day for the past 1,095 days (3 years), I’ve left my Glock 27 loaded. Each and every day, it’s on my side 16 hours out of 24. It’s in reach the other eight.

It’s been with me for every meal at home and out. It goes to the bathroom with me. It sits comfortably on my hip while driving. It’s there in the movie theater. When I’m at the gas station pumping gas or in the grocery store, I have it on me. If I’m working on my car in the garage, it’s within arms reach. When I’m out with friends, it comes along for the ride. When I go to a meeting, it quietly idles. It’s there when I go to the bank. If I’m sitting at home watching TV, guess what…it’s with me.

It’s there when I’m frustrated and sad. It’s in reach even when I’m angry or upset.

I’ve never shot anyone. I’ve never gone on a rampage, and I’ve never used it for intimidation. I’ve never had to draw it in self-defense.

A remarkable thing has happened; even though it’s with me fully loaded and ready at all times, it’s never been used for evil.

I am a law-abiding citizen, and my gun is a tool that I carry in case the unthinkable happens. It’s a part of my attire just as much as my wallet is.

A remarkable thing has happened; I’ve never experienced a negligent discharge.


I am a safe, responsible and dedicated gun owner.

Anytime we watch the news or read an article that describes a senseless act of gun violence, chances are that person was not someone like me.

Chances are, that person is not a legal gun owner. The vast majority of gun owners in America, some 99%, will never commit a crime with any of their firearms.

Chances are, they might just be at the wrong place at the right time to save innocent lives. We aren’t vigilantes, and we aren’t police officers. We don’t pretend to be.

What we are is accepting of reality and the harshness that can come with it.

What we are is prepared.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • name

    It’s nice that nothing bad has happened involving your gun yet, but I’m not seeing how this argument negates the fact that about 40,000 people are killed annually and hundreds thousands more non-fatal incidents also occur? I believe in gun ownership, I’m just saying that while I agree with what side it’s supposed to support, this isn’t an effective argument at all.

    • Chris Francis

      This isn’t an “argument”. It’s a write up to inform some people who have anti-gun propaganda shoved down their throat every day by mainstream media that for every ILLEGALLY acquired gun used in a shooting, there are tens of thousands like this man who carry a loaded firearm with them everyday and civilization is safer with people like that. If a criminal were to attempt a crime with a firearm in public and any of these people are present, they are prepared to protect the public here and now when law enforcement time of arrival may result in a number of innocent deaths

      • Anchovy Garbanzo

        What if they miss? In Virginia, one does not have to prove their marksmanship skills before they can carry concealed in public.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Almost all of those deaths had a criminal connected in some way. Most gun deaths now seem to be black gang activity against other gang members or innocent bystanders. There are also legal uses of self defense against criminals in home invasions, car jackings, robberies, & rapes. If armed a citizen may be able to protect himself from the bad guy. I say may be because nothing is ever a guarantee. Without a weapon he very well may be a dead victim. More people drown, fall down stairs, get killed in autos than “innocent” people harmed by guns. Gang members are not innocent victims it is their life style that kills them. If guns didn’t exist they would still kill other gang members by other means. You should not feel bad for criminals. They always contribute to their own death by their lifestyle, don’t blame it on an inanimate object which a gun is. Many things in life can be used for good or evil, a gun is only one of hundreds. The largest majority of those being killed & wounded are criminals. They are killed by other criminals, police, & armed citizens protecting themselves. They deserve no sympathy from lawful citizens.

    • Kenneth Potts

      You miss the point. The point is, guns are an inanimate object. It takes a human hand to pick I it up, load it, chamber a round, point it at someone, and pull the trigger.

  • bugleboy

    He didn’t say he hasn’t fired it. He said “it’s never been used for evil.”

  • Cisco

    Works for me.

  • Cisco

    That would change if Californians would stop voting for left wing whacko liberals.

  • JC Murzali

    God bless you, Brandon!
    Better guns in the hands of responsible and trained citizens then ‘gun-free’ countries where the only people with guns are cops and criminals. And there’s never a cop around when you really need them, is there?

  • Kenneth Potts

    He said he’s never had to draw it. Of course he shoots it to maintain his accuracy.

  • jay

    thats crazy cus i keep a bomb vest on at all times but ive never used it to blow people up. we should legalize that too! the media only shows the people with bomb vests that blow people up but never show people like me who dont!

    legalize bomb vests… because if one person doesnt kill everyone, nobody will!

    • Anchovy Garbanzo

      Does it make it hard to sit on the potty when takin a dump?
      #2 is when a man is most vulnerable.

    • …………

  • Tom Bonaroo

    In Jersey it is. It’s illegal to have a hollow point bullet in your possession.

    • Mark Sullivan

      That is absolutely retarded. What’s the use? Poking holes?

  • Anchovy Garbanzo

    I work at a sporting goods store that sells guns, and they all make fun of the open carry guys.

    • Stephen Spata

      What would be the reason, cops open carry, you make fun of them?

      • Anchovy Garbanzo

        More likely to get robbed of the gun they open carrying.
        Concealed is the way to go.

        • Stephen Spata

          Well I have a concealed now, but I’ll explain it like a police officer friend of mine did, which would someone rather do, try to over take a castle that has people with guns or whatever weapons, lining the top of the wall and all on the outside, or try to over take a castle that looks like no one is there.

          • devildoc

            But open carry is kind of like having the cannons or whatever defenses, on the outside of the castle. I’d rather have them on the inside, behind the walls. MOLON LABE

          • Stephen Spata

            Its all preference, I will always conceal carry, but if I didn’t have a concealed I would open.

          • devildoc

            quite true, conceal carry > open carry > no carry

          • Stephen Spata


  • Anchovy Garbanzo

    Back in the day, people didn’t worship guns. They just owned guns.

  • Jim Cornett

    I have a carry permit, and have had it 10 yrs. I’ve had to pull my pistol four times to protect myself. The latest was about 3 months ago. I went to the box to get my paper, and a car with 4 young hoodlum looking guys pulled up beside me. The driver said, “Hey, old man – you got any money?” I pulled my pistol and said, “All I’ve got is this. How many do you want?” They just laughed and pulled away. I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t have it.
    Another time, I caught a guy molesting a 13 year old girl – her sitting in his lap, naked except for her panties. I told him I was turning him in to the Sheriff. He jumped up, took a fighting stance, and said, “You’re not going to do that! I’m going to beat the s*^t out of you!” I said, “Michael, I’m too old to fight you. I’m going to have to kill you, and pulled my gun. He backed away, and took off back to Texas that night. It pays to be ready.

  • Fritz609

    Made it to Houston. Best thing I ever did. NJ. 6months for a firearm ID card. Just to buy a gun. Really?